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5 Ways to Surprise and Delight Donors

With end-of-year giving rapidly approaching, Kindest wants to make sure that you stand out.

Here are 5 creative ways to surprise, delight, and retain your Donors.

Write a handwritten Thank You note:

Donors want to know that you appreciate their gifts of time, talents, and treasures. So, when a donor knows that they are individually appreciated, they are usually willing to help the next time you ask.

Kindest allows you to send immediate semi-personal thank you notes to your donors. However, mailing a personalized thank you to your donors humanizes your mission.

You want all donors, despite their gift-size, to feel special. If you are low on time or capacity - try recruiting volunteers or board members to help you out. Writing personalized notes is a  small gesture that with consistency will lead to more major donors.

Send Quality Pictures and Updates to your Donors:

Donors appreciate knowing the impact of their donation.

With Kindest, you can send email campaigns that visibly highlight the BIG impact that your donors are making through a high-resolution picture and a client testimonial.

Remember: Donors can get burnt out from being asked for money all the time. So, non-ask, value-based updates are key to retaining donors.

P.S. You still can do a soft ask in the P.S. statement as a call to action to engage donors with upcoming projects. Donors want to feel included in your mission and transformational work.

Call donors, personally:

Donors want to know that their gift was received and appreciated. Calling your donors to personally share an impact story will help continue to build a solid foundation with your donor so that they know that you value their relationship.

There is really something special about hearing someone smile through the phone.

Send an Impact Video:

The more you can show impact, the better!

With Kindest you now have the capacity to highlight your impact even more by embedding videos into your fundraising campaigns.

Whether highlighting a client’s testimonial or happy children saying “Thank You” to your donors, emailing or texting video links to your donors is bound to delight them.

Sure, you can tell donors what your impact is, but letting a donor hear from one of your clients about how your services changed their life is far more impactful.

Your video does not have to be perfect. However, the key is to tell your donors through engaging content why your mission matters and why their gift makes a difference.

Double Your Impact with a Matching Donation:

Matching Donations work. Peer-to-peer fundraising works.

Providing a matching opportunity by partnering with a corporate sponsor, major donor, or friends of your organization will help your donors know that even a small gift may have a BIG impact.

People give to people. So, develop a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign with Kindest, and reach out to your friends, families, and partners to get pledges before you launch your end-of-year campaign. This way, when you do launch your campaign, you can surprise and engage your donors by letting them know that they can be a small part of doubling your impact.

Remember to offer logo placement opportunities and shoutouts on social media for your generous supporters.

Whichever way you decide to surprise and delight your donors, make it personal, make it unique, and let them know that their donations to your organization make a transformational impact on the clients that you serve.

–And above all, Keep it Kindest.

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