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How to Create 60 Days of Content in One Hour

**This information is from our Kindest’s Finish Strong Summit. **

Here’s one thing no one wants to talk about: content creation. We know...cringe. But it’s a very important part of what we do, so someone’s gotta do it. If that someone is you, you’re in the right place because we’re about to give you the tools to help you craft 60 days of just one hour!

...yeah, you read that right: 60 days. 60 minutes. Let’s get started.

Want 60+ content prompts for your nonprofit? Click here!

First and foremost...

Brain-Dump Your Ideas

What if we told you there was a way to dump all your ideas and still end up with content that aligns with the mission of your organization, allows you to engage your audience and gives you opportunities to ask for donations. Well, all that starts with a good brain dump. Get all your ideas out of your head and onto paper.

When brain-dumping and brainstorming content, focus on the following areas:

  • Clarity: Use straightforward content and imagery that aligns with your organization and shows who you are.
  • Engagement: Using social media, engage with your audience that is currently following your organization, communicating the mission and purpose of your organization.
  • Appeal: We want to create content that’s inviting and encourages potential donors to donate with an easy and intuitive process to donate.
  • Gratitude: Showing thanks to your donors and your followers on your platforms.

And then ask these questions:

  • What activities are your organizations doing that you can share with your audience? (eg. Behind the scenes, programs, events, your members, etc.)
  • How can you answer questions your audience may have about your cause? (Answering FAQ on your platforms)

Once you’ve gotten all your thoughts out, you can start creating. While creating, continue to focus and build out those key areas of clarity, engagement, appeal and gratitude. Here are some tips to help you as you’re working through it.

Clarity: Boost visibility when creating content

  • Show evidence of your organization’s impact.
  • Share content that aligns with your organization’s purpose.
  • Focus on your brand’s image and voice.

You want to show what you’re doing, how you do it and what your brand’s purpose is. Utilize your bio to show who your organization is, and make sure all your content aligns to that.

Engagement: Connect with your audience beyond your organization’s mission

  • Connect with your followers on a human level.
  • Share content that will allow your organization to connect with anyone who replies or comments. And remember, don’t push or solicit donations.

The more you can engage and authentically communicate with your audience, the better the opportunity to create relationships with potential donors, rather than just explicitly soliciting on your platforms.

The name of the game is cultivation in hopes of turning followers into raving and loyal fans of your nonprofit organization.

Appeal: Generating donations

  • End each prompt with a call-to-action. Followers should be encouraged to reply to your post to help build those connections.
  • Engaging potential donors through direct messaging is a great way to break the ice. Personal messages help build genuine connections. Direct followers to DM you to keep the conversation going from your stories or posts.
  • You can make it easier for the donor to give by sharing the direct link to your campaign or donation page.

Gratitude: Showing appreciation

  • Don’t be afraid to be creative and step outside the box. The more you can differentiate yourself, the better!
  • Show appreciation to individuals who have supported your organization. (eg.Donors, volunteers, employees, follower shout-outs, and even those who have not donated.)

Being creative in the ways you show appreciation is extremely important and can separate you from your competitors. Consider using videos, imagery and stories to send your donors a personal thank-you.

With these key areas, you can create 60 days of content in one hour in your non-profit and take your content to another level!

A Jumpstart Freebie for Your 60 Days of Content

Here are some free prompts with ideas to help you connect with your followers:


  • Tell your audience ten random facts about your organization.
  • Share one of the organization’s goals.
  • Share the benefits of one of your programs/services.
  • Share some of the services your organization completes monthly.
  • Talk about something your organization does that usually surprises the people you serve.
  • Mission & vision: What is it you hope to achieve through your organization?
  • #ThrowbackThursday: Where was your organization one, three, five or ten years ago?
  • Reflect on the number of individuals your organization has impacted from the previous month.


  • What were the motivational factors behind starting the organization?
  • Share an inspirational story from a program participant.
  • Share a positive quote you love and how it aligns with the organization’s purpose.
  • Share a piece of advice you received that could also help your audience.
  • Behind the Scenes: What does your workspace look like currently?
  • Describe a recent or upcoming event your organization is hosting.
  • Share an excerpt from your latest email newsletter & encourage your audience to subscribe.
  • Share five things your organization is grateful for this year.
  • #TuesdayTips: Share something.


  • Share the benefits your fundraising campaign will have on your audience.
  • Share one of your organization’s fundraising goals and explain how your donors can help.
  • Take a snippet from your fundraising campaign’s story and use it to create a caption.
  • CTAs - Encourage donors to visit the campaign page.
  • Share three things your organization is committed to doing with your contributions to impact others.
  • Share a teaser or an upcoming fundraising event.
  • Share an update on your organization’s fundraising and drive traffic to your campaign page.
  • Share a fundraising accomplishment your organization experienced this year, but not last year.
  • Share three ways donors can help the people you serve.


  • Behind the scenes: What does your organization do to celebrate holidays and special occasions with your audience?
  • Shout-out an employee who has made an impact in your organization.
  • Shout-out a volunteer who has made an impact.
  • Shout-out a business or company your organization has partnered with recently.
  • Thank your audience and share what’s meaningful about your organization.
  • Behind the scenes: What does your organization do to thank your volunteers?
  • Conduct a short interview with a volunteer.
  • Share a graphic and #hashtag on special occasions like holidays, donor birthdays, etc.

Quick tips for social media success:

  • Use a content calendar
  • Maintain consistent posting schedule for certain day and times of the week
  • Utilize your social media analytics and insights for prime posting time
  • Instagram: Post on your page and post to your story
  • Use hashtags (range of areas of exposure)
  • Always connect, connect, connect with your audience!

Keep an equal mix of these different targets, and you’re on your way to creating meaningful, engaging and useful content that will drive to conversations, connections and opportunities with potential donors!

Want 60+ content prompts for your nonprofit? Click here!

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