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3 Ways to Tap into Gen-Z Donors

When we think of donors, the mind immediately shifts to focusing on a certain demographic of donors, and that’s usually those who are older and what is considered to be well-established.

However, do you know that, according to Bank of America, “Gen Z's economic power was the fastest growing across all generational cohorts. This generation's income is expected to increase fivefold by 2030 to $33 trillion as they enter the workplace, accounting for over a quarter of global income and then surpassing millennials' income by 2031.”

With Gen Z having such a mammoth impact on the economy, here are a few ways you can engage with Generation Z givers and donors.

Catch them online

Gen Z spend pretty much all of their time online and utilizing technology. One efficient and simple way to reach younger generations is to implement digital giving campaigns that allow for easy ways to donate. This can be done through text messaging and various social media platforms through the click of a button.

Communicate your intentions with donations

Younger donors want to know exactly how their donations will be used. This means it's important to establish regular communication with donors and be transparent about how funds are used. This can be done through email marketing or even sliding in your donors DMs on social media using your organization’s social media pages.

Gen Z is a generation that shops and makes purchases online based on positive reviews, so when planning your donor campaigns, provide Gen Z donors with all necessary information, glitz, and glam up front. Narratives and storytelling about your organization’s programs and services would work in the same way that product reviews do. Pictures help too!

A digital annual report is a great way to wrap up your year and show your donors and stakeholders how donations are being used. Canva is a great (and free for nonprofits) tool to use to create a colorful and detailed annual report.

Offer alternatives to monetary giving

Younger donors like options! While monetary giving is important, in the nonprofit sector, in-kind donations and donating time is equally important. Data shows that committed volunteers, who are happy with their experience, become donors over time because they understand your organization’s needs firsthand.

Volunteering on service projects provides instant gratification and cool opportunities to take pictures and share on social media for both the volunteers and your organization. Gen Z is also a generation who has no shame in thrift shopping, which means they are likely ready to give away items or swap out items at a moment's notice. Use this to your advantage when your organization is in need of in-kind donations.

Easy peasy right!?

In all, when thinking of ways to engage with Gen Z donors, focus on technology, keep it fun, lighthearted, and be transparent!

Guest Writer: Sonia Daniels, Ph.D., S. Daniels Consulting

You can find Sonia at: or find her over on Instagram or Facebook.

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