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A Sample Timeline to Follow for your End-of-Year Giving Campaign

In this week’s edition of Ask Kindest Anything, Mackenzie asks, “I don’t know what the timeline should look like for end-of-year fundraising. When do I start asking, how often, etc?”

This is such a great question and I’m here to give you a basic outline that is meant to be a sample. You can turn up or down the dial as much as you have time for. Remember, I strongly encourage you to start priming your audience with value (see this blog post for ideas) for at least 30, but preferably 90 days before you start asking for donations.

Sample Timeline (2020 Fall Edition):

  • September 1-November 13th: Priming emails, social posts, and free events
  • Week of November 16th: Hard copy appeal lands in mailboxes
  • Week of November 23rd: Send a gratitude email + social post
  • Tuesday, December 1st: Giving Tuesday email + social post
  • Week of December 7th: Email Appeal #1 + social posts
  • Week of December 14th: Email Appeal #2 + social posts
  • December 30th or 31st: Final Donation/Tax Reminder email

The goal with this timeline is that you practice a multi-channel communication approach to asking for money. Since it takes anywhere from 8-14 touch points of seeing something to get a donor to take action - you have to send your asks for donations out many times over and through various methods.

In addition to the above, here are some ideas for additional touch points:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • In-person meetings or Zoom calls
  • Video messages (Loom, Bonjoro and Bomb Bomb are all great tools)
  • Facebook and Instagram Live sessions

You have tons of options! Tell us, what are some of your favorite touch points to have with donors that you weave into your communications calendar?

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