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Why you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in the giving Tuesday basket

Let me guess.

You’re feeling hopeful about the upcoming #GivingTuesday.

...and I get it. In 2019, nonprofits raised $511M in one day, up 28% from 2018. That’s a lot of money.

But with over 1.5M nonprofit organizations in the US alone, you can imagine that it’s a tad competitive.

In fact, last year, I received 38 Giving Tuesday email appeals from 32 organizations (yes, some sent multiple in one day).

Now, I’m not suggesting throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but what I am saying is: what if Giving Tuesday is just one piece of your larger end-of-year campaign?

Hear me out:

It’s reported that 31% of annual giving for nonprofits occurs in December.

12% of all donations are raised in the last three days of the year.

And 28% of nonprofits raise up to 50% of their total revenue in the last quarter of the year.

What that tells me is that cutting off your fundraising after Giving Tuesday is a miss of nearly an entire month of potential asks.

My advice?

Start asking in mid-November and don’t stop. If you are looking for a sample schedule of events for end-of-year giving - check out this post.

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So...take some pressure off. We can’t wait to see what you are able to raise beyond Giving Tuesday.

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